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School Board Members


School Board Meeting Dates | Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Cameron Parish School Board - Plan 6A- 8 Member Plan- Adopted

Marsha Trahan, President
District 1
6598 Gulf Beach Hwy
Cameron, LA 70631
Home:  (337) 569-2661
Dwayne Sanner
District 2
1095 Poncho Sanner Ln.
Hackberry, LA 70645
Home:  (337) 762-3878
R. Scott Nunez
District 3
519 Sweetlake Camp Rd.
Bell City, LA 70630
Home:  (337) 905-2252
Dorothy Theriot
District 4
152 Helen Street
Grand Chenier, LA 70643
Home:  (337) 538-2272
Tracy Carter
District 5
813 Oak Grove Hwy.
Grand Chenier, LA 70643
Home:  (337) 542-4186
James Boudreaux
District 6
194 Dewey St.
Cameron, LA 70631
Home:  (337) 775-5292
Karen Nunez, Vice-President
District 7
343 Hwy 384
Grand Lake, LA 70607
Home:  (337) 598-2230

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The Cameron Parish School Board does not condone and will not discriminate against any student on the basis of sex and abides by the requirements of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and its implementing regulations.

Students and parents may submit a report or complaint of alleged sex discrimination against a student, including alleged sexual harassment, to the student's principal at the school site or to the District's Title IX Coordinator, Superintendent Charles Adkins, Cameron Parish School Board, 510 Marshall Street, Cameron, LA, 70631; (337) 775-5784, or charles_adkins@camsch.org.

The School Board's Title IX policy may be obtained from the School Board Office, from the Superintendent of Schools, or via the website: GAEAA, JCED, GAAA.



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