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Johnson Bayou High School
Brenda Sanders, Principal
Glenn Duhon, Assistant Principal

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Johnson Bayou High School
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6304 Gulf Beach Hwy
Cameron, LA70631
337.569.2138  or 337.569.2139

Johnson Bayou schools will provide students with the educational tools necessary to compete in a global society.

JBHS is committed to excellence in education. The vision of JBHS is to provide a highly effective teaching and learning experience designed to meet the individual needs, interest, and abilities for each student. The combined efforts of the staff, students, parents, and community will provide a learning environment that ensures opportunities for all students to pursue lifelong learning and responsible, productive citizenship.




The Cameron Parish School Board does not condone and will not discriminate against any student on the basis of sex and abides by the requirements of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and its implementing regulations.

Students and parents may submit a report or complaint of alleged sex discrimination against a student, including alleged sexual harassment, to the student's principal at the school site or to the District's Title IX Coordinator, Superintendent Charles Adkins, Cameron Parish School Board, 510 Marshall Street, Cameron, LA, 70631; (337) 775-5784, or charles_adkins@camsch.org.

The School Board's Title IX policy may be obtained from the School Board Office, from the Superintendent of Schools, or via the website: GAEAA, JCED, GAAA.